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Junk Cars For Cash Texas’s Privacy Policy on this page is designed to inform you about what information we may collect and how we handle any personally identifiable information that may be used to improve your experience.

When Is Data Collected?

Junk Cars For Cash Texas may collect information when you order from us, register on our site, or interact with services we provide. Data we collect can include your:

  • name
  • email address
  • billing and mailing addresses
  • phone number
  • social accounts
  • and other contact information

These details are used to ensure your safety and improve the services we deliver. 

‌Junk Cars For Cash Texas uses cookies to help remember your preferences, keep track of advertisements, and perform other services while you visit our website. If you disable cookies on your browser, some advanced features or service access may be lost, but you won’t have an issue with orders or the main functions of our website.

How Data Is Used

Junk Cars For Cash Texas uses your information to improve our products, services, offers, and experiences. This information is used internally unless you specifically authorize sharing of your details with our preferred partners. Sharing always requires that you opt-in. 

‌We don’t share any information with unknown third-parties or sell your information. 

‌Data that we collect via cookies or based on your interactions with our site and services can be used for:

  • Personalizing your experience.
  • Delivering content or services you’re most interested in during your visit.
  • Improving our services and products.
  • Increasing the speed and simplicity of ordering, getting support, or making a request.
  • Sending you updates regarding orders, products, service changes, and more.

Protecting Your Information

Junk Cars For Cash Texas checks our servers and websites regularly to prevent vulnerabilities from known security vulnerabilities in order to make your experience as safe as possible. We use SSL connections and other safety measures to limit who can access your information. 

‌However, Junk Cars For Cash Texas cannot guarantee that third-party sites and services you use will not access the data you provide to our services or any others, while they are active during your Web experience. 

‌To help protect our customers, we offer a complete unsubscribe option that removes all of your information from our servers after a reasonable amount of time.

This Privacy Policy May Change

The Junk Cars For Cash Texas Privacy Policy is subject to change without notification. Junk Cars For Cash Texas may not always contact users directly when privacy policies change, so we suggest you return to this page regularly to stay informed. 

‌By using our site and services you are agreeing to this privacy policy in its current form.

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